Winter Sport Spectator Policy

Based on the recommendations recently released by the Eastern Buckeye Conference (EBC), Alliance City Schools will be joining the other districts in the league and implementing a new spectator policy for all winter sporting events effective immediately.

Each athlete will receive two vouchers to be used by parents only for home and away games. School age children will not be permitted as spectators at any athletic events. 

Along with the two vouchers per athlete, a limited number of passes will be given to additional individuals. Only one visiting administrator, one score keeper, one camera operator and one free admission for each paid coach will be permitted at the athletic events. No ball boys or ball girls will be permitted and cheerleaders will only be allowed at home events.

In cooperation with the EBC, this policy will be in place until Jan. 1, at which time the policies could change in accordance with the Governor’s orders or recommendations. 

By enforcing this policy, ACS will guarantee less than 15 percent capacity at all winter athletic events.

Masks and social distancing will be mandatory at all athletic events. Before attending an event, check to ensure no COVID-19 symptoms are present. Stay home if you or a family member are sick in order to ensure the health and safety of all in attendance at the athletic events.

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