Alliance City Schools and Ohio Department of Health


Immunizations are an important part of public health and keeping your child healthy and safe from life-threatening diseases. For the 2017-2018 school year to comply with the Ohio Department of Health parents/guardians are required at registration to provide the most recent copy of your child’s current immunization record. After the Registrar has reviewed your child’s immunization record if any immunizations are missing you will be provided with what is still needed for your child to complete enrollment to Alliance City Schools.

If your child does not have the required immunizations before the start of the 2017-2018 school year he/she will not be permitted to attend school until proof of immunization has been received.

In order to safeguard students and staff of communicable diseases prevention is the safest and healthiest way to avoid the spread of any infection. Students in the Alliance City Schools are required to be immunized in accordance with Alliance City Schools District Bylaws and Policies (R. C. 3313.67, 3313.671, 3313.671B).

The board stipulates the following:

The Board of Education requires all students to be immunized against poliomyelitis, measles, diphtheria, rubella (German measles), pertussis, tetanus, mumps, and others legally designated in accordance with State statutes, unless specifically exempt for medical or other reasons. The Board requires that students who start kindergarten during or after the school year beginning in 1999 be immunized against Hepatitis B or be in the process of being immunized. The Board also requires that students who start kindergarten during or after the school year beginning in 2006 be immunized against chicken pox. This policy pertains to both students who currently attend school in the District and those eligible to attend.

If a student does not have the required immunizations upon entry or at the beginning of the school year he/she will be permitted to remain in school for no more than 14 school days. Unless the student can provide written documentation that an appointment has been made with a physician or local health department and is “in the process of being immunized.”

Any student previously admitted under auspices of "in the process of being immunized" who has not complied with the prescribed immunization intervals shall be excluded from school on the fifteenth (15th) school day of the following school year. The excluded student shall be readmitted upon showing evidence to the Principal or Superintendent of progress on the prescribed immunization interval schedule.

Please be advised that the Ohio Department of Health has announced that all incoming 7th and 12th graders are to have the Meningococcal (Meningitis) vaccine prior to the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. All 7th graders are to also have received the Tdap vaccine prior to entry as well.

ACS wants all students to enter the school in good health and be ready for educational success. District staff is dedicated to working with families to assist in getting the required immunizations for entry to Alliance schools with local physicians and the Alliance Health Department.

A pupil who presents a written statement of the pupil's parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian declines to have the pupil immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized. Ohio Revised Code section 3313.67.


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