C&A is Seeing Clients Through Telehealth

The past few months have been difficult on everyone. C&A has remained open during the pandemic seeing clients in-person and through telehealth. If you are uneasy about having an in-person appointment, here is an excellent post on how clients can be seen through telehealth. If your child is experiencing anxiety or depression, please call us at 330-433-6075 and be seen via telehealth. Every child deserves the opportunity at health, hope and happiness.

Start a Conversation on Race & Racism With Your Children

The past two weeks have seen American's across the country protest and speak out against racism and calling for a change in their communities. C&A's Trauma Program Manager Mary Kreitz wrote a blog post providing tips for parents to start a conversation with their children of all ages in regards to racism. The most important tip is to listen and acknowledge what your child is seeing, hearing and believes. If you child is experiencing anxiety, stress or the family needs help starting these important conversations on racism, call 330-433-6075.

Teenage Substance Struggles During COVID-19

A 2020 Graduate Provides Raw, Honest Emotions of Lost Senior Year

Although the post is written by a soon-to-be-college graduate, this blog post is related to all kids struggling at home with online learning, being at home parents and siblings 24/7 and the struggles with mental health. C&A's 2019 fall intern Keila Martinez is a senior and soon-to-be-graduate of the University of Mount Union. In this blog post, she provides a raw, emotional first-hand viewpoint of moments she lost and the challenges of completing the semester at home.

Acknowledge the Emotional Loss of Their Senior Year and Create Alternative Celebrations

Parent and students look forward to senior year. The year- end events that mark the celebration of 12 years of hard work. Prom, walking across the stage and graduation celebrations. This year, all the end-of-the-year milestones will look different. C&A's Trauma Program Manager Mary Kreitz offers advice on how parents should acknowledge and work through their own feelings and really listened and guide their children through this unusual time. 

Day Treatment Students Move to Online Learning and Therapy

Students attend school this year have shown tremendous flexibility and resiliency. C&A's Day Treatment students are adjusting to the changes as well. The students who attend C&A's Day Treatment facility have suffered a severe traumatic experience that prevents the student from learning in a traditional setting. Eventually, the students return to their home district school after staying on track academically and receiving therapy. Read how C&A is staff is handling the transition to online learning without being able to use Google Classroom or handing out electronic devices

Positive Childhood Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way families are interacting everyday - parents are working at home, students are learning online and everyone is practicing personal distancing. The challenges and stresses this initially presented to families is providing a wonderful opportunity for families to reconnect on a different level - less hectic schedules and time to do family activities. C&A's Trauma Program Manager Mary Kreitz examines how families can create Positive Childhood Experiences during this time. #mentalhealth #feelings #childhood #wellbeing #children

COVID-19 Teaching Collegiate Skills, Independent Life Skills

The COVID-19 virus has forced high school and college kids to display their resiliency skills. From the time colleges and universities moved to online classes and moving out of dorms, some kids were able to move home yet other students were forced to find alternative living arrangements. C&A's peer counselor Bianca Hooten offers advice for high school and college students learning independent living skills during this unusual time. C&A is open and seeing clients at all four locations. 

Reckless Youth Attitude: I Will Not Get COVID-19

College-aged students often take the "I'm invincible" approach to life even in midst of the COVID-19 health crisis. C&A's Trauma Therapy Program Manager Mary Kreitz writes about why kids take this risk and will sometimes place other people at risk just to have a good time. She also offers advice for parents to help their children make the right choice

Impact of COVID-19 On High School Students

C&A Provides Tips for Families During COVID-19

Today we are all facing a challenging situation that has no playbook or guidelines to follow with the Corona Virus. With that in mind, C&A's Early and Middle Childhood Program Manager Larissa Haring shares some tips to help all of us navigate these uncharted waters. If your child is having trouble navigation or making adjustments to the recent changes in their routine, please call C&A at 330-433-6075.

Loving Limits

Children of all ages need to know the boundaries and expectations of the household. When the rules are broken, how do you as parent or caregiver hand out consequences in a loving way. This article provides tips on setting up the rules with your child and dealing with outcome when the rules are broken

Teaching and Validating Your Child's Feelings

A child's behavioral is conveyed in multiple ways. A child's emotional development and expressing of their feelings is often defined by three words - happy, sad or mad. This insightful posts provides tips and strategies to expanding your child's "feeling" vocabulary to better regulate and express their emotions.