ACS Takes Extra Precautions During Meal Distribution

School looks a little bit different this year at Alliance City Schools, and that includes the way lunches are served at the buildings.

Preschool-5th Grade

Most students in preschool through 5th grade will be served lunches in their classrooms instead of the cafeterias. The meals will be served to the students at their desk, which is where most students will be eating breakfast and lunch. Before the meals are served, the teaching staff will assist with cleaning and sanitizing the desks prior to the students eating their lunch.

6th-12th Grade

At Alliance Middle School and Alliance High School, students will be served a grab-and-go breakfast daily. There will be a selection for the students to choose from. AMS students will eat in their classrooms and AHS students will eat in the cafeteria at a safe distance from each other. Lunch will be served in the cafeterias at AMS and AHS with all students physically distancing.

Packed Lunches for AMS & AHS to Take Home

With AMS and AHS taking part in an A Day/B Day schedule, the students will receive a cold breakfast and lunch at the end of the day they attend for the following day. On the days the A Group is in attendance, they will be offered a packed cold breakfast and lunch on their way out of the building for the next day. The same will happen for the B Group. On every other Wednesday for the A Group and every other Thursday for the B Group, students will receive an additional packed breakfast and lunch for the two days they will not be in the building. 

The packed lunches will consist of a cold sandwich, fruits, vegetables and juice, as well as a cold breakfast item. Due to purveyor challenges, we are not able to put out a menu for these lunches as the items we could receive changes daily.

Meals will not be provided for Sept. 4 and Sept. 7 as they are previously scheduled days off.

Meals for Digital Students

The food service department is working on a system to provide students who chose digital learning for the semester with a way to receive meals. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide meals at this time. We hope to have a plan in place by the middle of September. We will keep you posted.


No students will be using the PIN pad to type in their numbers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The staff will be typing them in if necessary. Please have all funds placed on the students payschool account ( or paid by check prior to lunch, so that no money has to be exchanged during meal time.

Please remember a carton of milk costs $0.50 for students who brought a packed lunch from home.

Menus for meals served at the buildings can be found on the building's individual websites.