Thank you for your patience and understanding as we developed a plan for our digital students to receive meals. During the course of planning, the USDA pushed through a waiver to allow us to feed students similar to how we were able to over the summer. The waiver can be removed by the USDA at any time, but it currently runs through December 31, 2020. This waiver does allow us to feed children ages 1-18 in the household not receiving meals at school.

Currently, for in-person students, we offer breakfast and lunch in the building at all grade levels. Our in-person 6th-12th graders are also offered a meal bag as they leave for the day so they may have meals while remotely learning the following day.

For digital students, in order to start receiving meals on Monday, Sept. 21, the attached form must be completed. Those that fill out the form will receive a box containing breakfast items and lunches for the days we are instructing students. The form will close on Monday, Sept. 14 and a new form will be sent allowing those that did not sign up by Sept. 14 to sign up for future meals. Please do not re-sign up if you already signed up for the first round.

Please see the following important information regarding the boxed meals for digital learnings

  • The meals will need to be refrigerated within an hour of receiving them as they have perishable items contained in them.

  • The individual meal items will also have ingredient information as well as instructions on preparation should they need it.

  • The boxes, including a 1/2 gallon of white milk and 2 cartons of chocolate milk, will be distributed weekly at Alliance High School only between the hours of 12-2 pm on Mondays at Door #3.

  • We will not be able to substitute any items given, including milk, and the milk must be taken to be properly reimbursed through the Federal Meal Program.

  • Should there be a week with no instruction on a Monday, further instructions will be given to parents for pick up at that time.

  • Once you have signed up, you will not need to sign up again for the entire semester.

  • If you have signed up to receive weekly boxes and do not come to pick them up, you may be notified that you have been removed from the weekly boxes. You may contact foodservice to re-sign up if needed.

  • Your student does not need to be with you when picking up the meals.

  • Due to supply issues, we cannot offer a menu for these items at this time and cannot guarantee that the boxes will be available at all times.

  • The government can remove this waiver at anytime, at which time you will be notified of these changes

** This institution is an equal opportunity employer and provider **

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