AIS Virtual Open House

Hello AIS Families!

We are excited to start the new school year! In order to prepare you for what to expect, we have created slide show presentations for you. Please take the time to view the presentation for Alliance Intermediate School and the presentations created by your child's teachers. Class lists have been posted to in order for you to know which teachers your child will have this year.

Alliance Intermediate School

4th Grade

Mrs. Osco & Mr. Lemmon

Mr. Kinder & Mrs. Curley

Mr. Morgan & Mrs. Gleason

Mr. Neal & Ms. Mitchell

5th Grade

Mrs. Sams, Mrs. Recchiuti & Mrs. Boschini

Mrs. McCallum & Mrs. Hagan

Mrs. Weaver & Mrs. Sutton

Mrs. Dubaj & Mrs. Peterson

Ms. Roth

AIS Specialists Teachers

AIS Virtual Teachers