Blackboard Connect

Alliance City Schools uses the Blackboard Connect Notification System to alert parents when we have a 2 hour delay or cancellation due to inclement weather. The system uses the MAIN telephone number found in each student's computer registration record.

2-Hour Delay

If the superintendent announces a 2-hour delay, the MAIN number for your family will be called within a short period of time (usually five minutes). If the weather deteriorates quickly, the superintendent will announce that schools are closed and that call will be placed quickly.

School Cancellation

On some days it may be clear that the weather will not improve during the morning hours. If the temperature is very low or the roads are very bad, the superintendent will close the schools and you will receive an AlertNow call to that effect.


I answered the phone but heard an incomplete message. What did it say? If you do not hear the whole message, press any key (1-9) and the message will replay from the beginning.

My family did not receive a call. Why not? It is possible that your MAIN telephone number has changed since you registered your child. Check with your child's school to report the correct phone number. The system will try your number 4 times before stopping. The message will be left on an answering machine.

May I have multiple numbers in the call list? For delays and cancellations, there is only one MAIN number per child.

Why did I report five numbers to the school? This is for an escalated emergency. Example: One school held all their afternoon busses due to a tornado warning. They used AlertNow to notify parents that the students would be home after the warning expired. In this case, all the numbers were called.

Note: There will be a slight pause after the phone is picked up. The system is waiting for a voice or a message machine. Sometimes if you answer in a loud environment (dog barking, baby crying, or person repeating hello, hello, hello) the recording will not play. The system thinks it is hearing an answering machine message and is waiting for the beep!

We hope you will find the Blackboard Connect Notification System to be useful for you and your family.