#LikeAGirl Photoshoot

With approximately 50 students from kindergarten through eighth grade signed up, the #LikeAGirl mentoring program went back to its roots with a photoshoot meant to inspire strength and empowerment and to show Aviators of all ages that they can accomplish anything.

The photoshoot, which took place in early February brought a record number of #LikeAGirl attendees to Alliance High School where they spent the evening preparing for and participating in the photoshoot. Students from the AHS cosmetology career tech program volunteered their time doing the young girls hair and makeup and hyping them up so they felt confident and fierce.

cosmetology student doing makeup for 1st grader

Afterwards, the student took turns getting a series of photos dressed as athletes and band members or just being themselves with friends. They also had the opportunity to take pictures with the high school students who have spent the year serving as mentors to show the young girls they too can be successful leaders in athletics, arts, clubs and academics. 

Three stations were set up for students to take photos, which were taken by current digital art and design students and alumni of the program who returned to support the event. The current students will edit the photos and turn them into posters for the young Aviators to keep as inspiration.

“The photoshoot far exceeded my expectations,” said Stephanie McKnight, advisor for #LikeAGirl. “To have the resources right here in our schools to pull off an event of this magnitude is remarkable. Students and alumni from the AHS digital art and design, video productions, JTC, cosmetology and sports medicine career tech programs collaborated to give the girls a unique and hopefully memorable experience. I am so proud of the results.”

#LikeAGirl was created in 2019 by two students, Mia Holt and Chloe Pasco, while in McKnight’s sports medicine program. They recruited the help of Carli Beckett, who was taking part in the interactive media class, to take the photos. The three students set up photoshoots with female athletes as a way to combat the negative stereotypes associated with girls sports. McKnight continued with the idea of #LikeAGirl and launched the mentoring program at the beginning of this school year. 

one of the original #likeAgirl posters

Pasco and Beckett returned to AHS to help out with the photoshoot and to see how their initial idea for #LikeAGirl has developed over the years.

“Younger kids always look up to older kids. I know when I was younger, I always looked up to the older high school athletes because my dad coached basketball for the high school. I always wanted to be like them,” Pasco said. “It really does make a difference and a big influence. It’s crazy that #LikeAGirl is still going on.”

Five years later and the idea that started as a class project has amplified to become an inspiration for dozens of students at Alliance City Schools.

young student dressed as cheerleader standing next to high school cheerleader

“Being able to see what the older girls can do and wanting to be like them, that’s what all that matters,” Beckett explained.

Beckett said she has noticed a significant shift in girls sports since graduating five years ago. The female athletes have banners in the gym same as the boys and their success is being documented and publicized for all to see. She hopes it will continue as the young Aviators get older and they start to achieve their goals while at Alliance City Schools.

The #LikeAGirl posters will be available for all to see on Thursday, March 14 during the #LikeAGirl gallery walk that will take place in the AHS Auditorium from 6-7 pm. The gallery will be open to the public and free for all attendees.

save the date for #LikeAGirl Gallery Walk