Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Alliance Alternative Academies. I am very excited to participate in the growth of all students, academically and socially. We are an alternative school for students ranging in grades 2 through 12 within the Alliance City School District. We are committed to academic, social and behavioral growth. Our primary instructional practice is to promote 21st century skills and build capacity to return to traditional classrooms within the school district. It is our daily goal to facilitate learning that is contextual, creative and shared. Students will learn by using various instructional strategies, including technology, while educators monitor and analyze progress.

As a willing participant in this program, students have the potential to grow in their vision of schooling and enrich decision making skills in order to be productive students in our district. In addition to focused reading and math instruction, all academy students will have instruction on understanding different point of views, developing and settling into responsibilities and routines, creating study habits, gaining a sense of agency in learning and forming friendships that will last throughout their school age years. Jointly, we will work to teach students to be active learners of the world around them while developing higher functioning behavioral skills.

I solicit your involvement in your child’s time at our academies. We value your input and support. We believe you are essential to all students receiving the best education possible. Please consider helping to make us one family, deeply rooted in all aspects of our students’ formative years. On behalf of our staff, we look forward to collaborating with you for a successful school year.

Yours in education,

Photo of Portia A. Johnson

Portia A. Johnson

Portia A. Johnson