math team

Students from Alliance Middle School and Alliance Intermediate School competed at the County Math Tournament on Saturday. The students did an amazing job and brought home a number of awards! 

5th Grade Participants

Number Sense

Jaymes Smith 

Lyric Grimm -  7th Place

Chase Patrick


Gideon Cox - 2nd Place

Sadie Tritico - 7th Place

Alric Richmond - 4th Place

Mental Computation

Peyton Pisino

Liam Turner

Yashua Selassie


Allison Kline - 6th Place

Chase Taylor

Team Problem Solving

Dominic Falconer, Aundrea Jones, Evan McMahon - 3rd Place

6th Grade Participants

Number Sense

Gabe Minor - 1st Place

Joshua Huff - 6th Place

Chase Brunoni

Mental Computation

Casey Minor - 4th Place

Landon Green - 6th Place

Jacob Schuette - 3rd Place


Stella Jackson - 3rd Place

Gavin Fontaine - 2nd Place

Jackson Braisted - 1st Place


Aidan Kern - 1st Place

Kara Eversdyke - 7th Place

Menen Selassie - 5th Place

Team Problem Solving

Corie Horning, Audrina Wait, Maddy James - 1st Place

7th Grade Participants

Number Sense

Truevaire White

Silas Tritico - 4th Place

Melody Lin - 7th Place


Graham Oyer - 2nd Place

Garrett Adkins

Mental Computation

Cameron Cagna

Jacob Joseph - 8th Place


Azavion King - 6th Place

Charles Ekey - 3rd Place

Lilliana White - 5th Place

Team Problem Solving

Isabel Robinson, Zachary Jurina, Gianna Phillips - 4th Place