AMS Show Choir

The annual Royal Aviation Show Choir Competition took place at Alliance High School on Saturday, Feb. 25 with 13 show choirs from Ohio and West Virginia. This year marked the AHS Jetsetter’s tenth year as a competition show choir.

While the Jetsetters have been around for many years, it wasn’t until 2013, under the guidance of Director Carrie Chunat, that the group began performing. Over the past 10 years, they have attended 40 competitions and brought home 45 trophies. 

“It’s amazing to come full circle,” said Chunat. “We are only competing now because ten years ago a competition in Twinsburg invited us to attend for the first time. The Alliance kids were amazed by what they saw, and decided to jump in head first to the world of competitive show choir.”

At this year’s competition, dozens of individual awards were given out, but as a group, each choir competed for the chance to be named the Grand Champions.

Final Overall Awards for the 2023 Royal Aviation Show Choir Competition went to:

Grand Champion: Kaleidoscope from Musselman High School

First Runner Up: Kenton High School’s Top Twenty

Second Runner Up: Varsity Chorale from Euclid High School

Third Runner Up: Royal Harmony from North Royalton High School

Fourth Runner Up: Music Company from River Valley High School

The Alliance Middle School Show Choir and the Jetsetters hosted an exhibition performance that included Melodica from Lakeside High School. Being the home school, the Alliance choirs were not able to compete. As the host schools, the exhibition performance allowed them to showcase their skills for all the other choirs in attendance.