Returning State Placers & Qualifiers


Nate Volk- Huntington (5th state)

Landon Jenkins- Carrollton (state qualifier)


Mason Taylor- West Holmes (2nd, 8th state)

Johnny Green- Aurora (4th state)

Peyton Costa (Granville) State qualifier 


Nathan Wood- Point Pleasant (1st, 6th state)

Anthony Perez- Streetsboro (5th state 2021)

Joey Vazsonyi- Highland (state qualifier)

Connor Norris- Minerva (state qualifier)

Kain Price- Ripley (state qualifier) 


Garrin Arthur- Huntington (1st state)

Tyler Scharrer- Canfield (state qualifier)

Levi Pidgeon- Carrollton (state qualifier)

Andy Strader- Minerva (state qualifier)


Gunner Andrick- Point Pleasant (1st state)

Brogan Fielding- Jefferson Area (6th state)

Vinnie D’Alessandro- Mayfield (7th state)

Donovan Paes- Streetsboro (7th state)

Jeff Hood- Huntington (state qualifier)

Elijah Parrish- Claymont (state qualifier)


Conner Blessing- Point Pleasant (1st state)

Joseph Riggs- Huntington (4th state) 

Josh Carman- Carrollton (6th, 4th state)


Israel Petite- Nordonia (7th state)

Kyle Bizjak- Aurora (state qualifier)

Maxwell Cooper- Tuslaw (state qualifier)

Ty Stricko- Canfield (state qualifier 2021)


Creed Hill- Highland (state qualifier) 

Jake Lyons- Tuslaw (state qualifier)

Garrett Brown- Ripley (state qualifier) 

Cohen Klimak- Streetsboro (state qualifier) 


Josh Woyan- Point Pleasant (1st state)

Hunter Brown- Ripley (6th state) 

Josh Biller- Edgewood (state qualifier)

Josh Brown- Berkshire (state qualifier 2021)


Oliver Byerly- Jonathan Alder (3rd state)

Tyler Lintner- Austintown Fitch (7th state)

Donavyn Watts- Pickerington North (state qualifier)

Devin Halliday- Hayes (state qualifier)

A.J. Dolph- Hoover (state qualifier)


Jeremy Olszko- Nordonia (4th state)

Cooper Durst- Ripley (6th state) 

Will Vucetic- Chardon (state qualifier)

Matt Cann- Huntington (state qualifier) 


Hunter Hutcheson- Madison Comprehensive (4th state)

Carson Miller- Granville (5th state)

Kaiden Haines- Minerva (6th state)

Trent Thomas- Bedford (state qualifier)


Mekhi Bradley- Mansfield Senior (7th state)

Antonio Bottiggi- Riverside (state qualifier)

Jimmy Scharrer- Canfield (state qualifier)


Kolton Weaver- Point Pleasant (2nd state)

Elisha Baldridge- West Holmes (state qualifier)

Team Race:

1. Point Pleasant

2. Highland

3. Carrollton

4. Nordonia

5. Minerva

6. Aurora

7. Streetsboro

8. Mayfield

9. Jonathan Alder

10. Canfield


106- Landon Jenkins- Carrollton 

113- Johnny Green- Aurora 

120- Anthony Perez- Streetsboro 

126- Tyler Scharrer- Canfield 

132- Gunner Andrick- Point Pleasant

138- Josh Carman- Carrollton

144- Israel Petite- Nordonia

150- Creed Hill- Highland

157- Josh Woyan- Point Pleasant

165- Oliver Byerly- Jonathan Alder 

175- Jeremy Olszko- Nordonia 

190- Kaiden Haines- Minerva 

215- Lukas Stiles- Highland

285- Kolton Weaver- Point Pleasant 

Top Match-Ups:

106- Dane Fawcett (Claymont) vs. Landon Jenkins (Carrollton)

Fawcett has been up at 113 so far this year, but it is thought that he will make the cut to 106, where he defeated tournament favorite Jenkins last season. 

113- Johnny Green (Aurora) vs. Mason Taylor (West Holmes)

Both of these wrestlers finished top 4 in the state last year. However, Kail Snair of Carrollton outplaced Taylor at North Canton, pinning the wrestler who defeated Taylor.

120- Joey Vazsonyi (Highland) vs. Anthony Perez (Streetsboro)

Vazsonyi didn’t wrestle at MIT over the holidays, and Perez has been wrestling up at 126. Hopefully Vazsonyi returns. Perez is thought to be dropping to 120, which could provide a phenomenal matchup.  

126- Anthony Perez (Streetsboro) vs. Tyler Scharrer (Canfield)

If Perez stays at 126, we could see this rematch of a go-to-state bout from last season. Scharrer pinned Perez a week after Perez teched Scharrer at the sectional tournament. 

132- Gunner Andrick (Point Pleasant) vs. Vinnie D’Alessandro (Mayfield) 

These two met at Ironman with Andrick picking up the 5-2 victory. 

138- Josh Carman (Carrollton) vs. Conner Blessing (Point Pleasant)

Blessing is a reigning West Virginia state champ, and Carman is a 2x Ohio state placer who took state champ Bryce Skinner into overtime last year at the state tournament. 

144- Kyle Bizjak (Aurora) vs. Israel Petite (Nordonia) 

State qualifier Bizjak could square off against state placer Petite in this weight that boasts 4 wrestlers with state experience. 

150- Breadan Beck (Mayfield) vs Creed Hill (Highland) 

Beck was 2nd at the MIT over the holidays, finishing ahead of state qualifier Hill. They will both be in the hunt at 150 which is a wide open weight. 

157- Josh Woyan (Point Pleasant) vs. Gino Perrine (Nordonia) 

Woyan was a West Virginia state champ as a freshman last year, and Perrine has been making jumps in performance this year. 157 appears to be one of the most wide open weights of the tournament. We could also potentially see state qualifier Chase Crutchley (Highland) at this weight. 

165- Oliver Byerly (Jonathan Alder) vs. Tyler Lintner (Austintown Fitch) 

A pair of state qualifiers could meet in the finals here at 165, but they’ll have to navigate a deep field that could include state qualifiers Watts, Halliday, and Dolph. 

175- Jeremy Olszko (Nordonia) vs. Matt Haney (Highland) 

Olszko is a clear favorite at this weight, and Haney has made impressive strides for a Highland team that will be in the hunt for a team title.  

190- Kaiden Haines (Minerva) vs. Hunter Hutcheson (Madison Comprehensive) vs. Carson Miller (Granville) vs. Trent Thomas (Bedford) 

190 should provide excellent semifinals matchups with 4 of the top 6 ranked wrestlers in Division 2. (Boro Fan)

215- Lukas Stiles (Hghland) vs. Mekhi Bradley (Mansfield Senior) 

Stiles won the MIT over the holidays where Bradley finished 3rd, though they did not meet at the tournament. 

285- Kolton Weaver (Point Pleasant) vs. Elisha Baldridge (West Holmes)

Weaver is a state finalist, and Baldridge is currently ranked 2nd in the state in Division 2 (Boro Fan). Mustafa Woodi out of Shaker Heights has been having a great season so far and could be a legit threat to both of the top 2 at this weight.