Town Hall Meeting to discuss bullying
Town Hall Meeting to discuss bullying
Chelsea Shar

The district has planned several Town Hall meetings to communicate better with the public about what we are doing and what community concerns are. The last one was in October at the Community Center. 

The next meeting will be held - 

Thursday, February 15, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Northside Intermediate School
701 N. Johnson Ave. 

The subject will be Bullying/Harassment. We will give our annual bully report and facilitate a round table discussion where guests and school staff/administration will talk about bullying, the issues and possible solutions. We hope to have community members of all sorts there to add to the conversation about how we can all have a part in helping to address the issue of bullying as a community. 

All are welcome to attend. We look forward to a constructive discussion about how to help our students succeed!